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Chapter 4


ch4-blog-notext_02 What better way to follow a chapter about rebuildable atomizers than to discuss how to build a coil for these types of atomizers!!Building your coils can be difficult at first, but don’t worry. Just like everything else, practice makes perfect. The best thing about knowing how to build your own coils is, it’s convenient! And in all reality, saves you lots of money.

A coil is the wire that is connected to the base, which in turn is connected to the battery or mod. When the battery is powered, the wires heat up and turn the e-liquid into vapor. Without a coil, there’s nothing to produce vapor. Coils are predominantly made with kanthal but can also be made with nickel or titanium depending on your personal preference. Nickel and titanium wire are only used for building when you’re attaching it to a mod that has temperature control functionality.

Building is the verb used when making a coil. This is done by wrapping wire tightly around a screwdriver to form a coil. Building coils take time and patience so don’t get frustrated when the first few don’t come out too good looking. The most important aspect when it comes to building is knowing build safety. If you’re building for a regulated mod, the manual that comes in the box will tell you the minimum resistance for that particular mod. You’re probably asking, what makes the difference in resistance when building a coil. The answer to that is what size screwdriver your using, what gauge wire, as well as how many wraps. The less wraps, the lower the resistance.

A wick is just the material inside a coil to hold and deliver e-liquid. This is usually made from cotton but can also be made with silica or mesh depending on what atomizer you’re using. Using mesh is mainly for building on genesis style atomizers.


What you’ll need:

  • Kanthal wire
  • 2mm Screwdriver (most rebuildable atomizers come with one)
  • Additional screwdriver or allen key that fits your atomizer screws
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Wire cutters
  • Scissors
  • Organic cotton
  • E-liquid

Wrapping Your Coil

Step 1: You’ll need about 3-4 in. of wire to build one coil. Place the wire above the 2mm screwdriver as close to the handle as possible and hold it firmly with your thumb.

Step 2: Then you want to start wrapping your coil until you’ve reached the desired number of wraps. You want the wraps to be as close together as possible without overlapping.

Step 3: Once you’ve reached the desired number of wraps, both leads should be facing the same direction.

Installing Your Coil:

Step 1: Take the deck of your RDA and loosen the screws just enough so that the wires can fit through. You don’t want to take the screws completely out because they’re easy to lose and hard to put back in when you’ve only got one free hand.

Step 2: Then with your coil still around the screwdriver, put one lead through the negative and the other through the positive.

Step 3: Try to position your coil towards the center of the deck. Once you’ve got it centered, you can now tighten your screws. Be careful not to tighten them too much because you could cut the wire and have to start all over.

Step 4: Now that you’ve tightened your screws, you can carefully position your coil more towards the center if it isn’t already by moving the screwdriver in whichever direction needed. Once you’re satisfied with this step, you can now remove the screwdriver and cut the extra wire off so that the leads are as close to the negative/positive posts as possible.

Eliminating Any Hotspots:

Briefly fire your mod until your coil is completely lit. Once your coil is lit, let go of the fire button and compress your coils with the pliers. Repeat this step until your coil lights up evenly from the center towards the outer wraps. Another way is to stroke the coils with a pair of tweezers. Once your coils light up evenly from the inside out, you’re all set to move on to the next step.

Wicking Your Coil:

Step 1: You want a piece of cotton that can fit snug inside of your coil, not to lose and not too tight.  Make sure that there is enough cotton that when folded, it can reach the bottom of the deck.

Step 2: Tuck the cotton under your coil.

Priming Your Cotton:

Simply saturate your cotton with your favorite juice, making sure to go over the coil so that the cotton inside is also saturated. Then place your RDA sleeve onto your deck and repeatedly fire your mod until your cotton is dried out but not burnt. Once you’ve done that place your cap back on, add more of your favorite juice, and vape on!



The Vape Community Can Be One Fun Group on the Web

vaping community

The vaping community is growing in leaps and bounds. It’s a community of individuals from all walks of life. Like any growing community, there’s a desire to bond in commonality. There’s the need to interact and spread awareness of this smoking alternative.

Since vaping is a relatively new option for traditional smokers, there’s a desire for those who have found enjoyment in vaping to introduce and assist newcomers. Many vapers have even gone as far as donating e-cigs and various accessories to assist others in stopping smoking. The easiest, quickest and most efficient way to get the word out? Social media.

In the vast sea of multimedia options, vaping has taken to venues such as Facebook, Youtube and various social media groups. There are blogs and other social sights that allow vapers to engage in fun and enlightening conversation about their interests. Attention is being drawn to this topic through forums and even giveaways.

The majority of people interesting in trying electronic cigarettes want to quit or reduce smoking. It is easy for them to go online and find information on the topic. However, with the abundance of availability on social media, these individuals have the option of interacting with the vaping community. This opens the door for questions and answers, developing friendships with other vapers.

Social media has opened the topic up on a global level. People are able to share interests and experiences from all over the world. Since this is a niche market, it may be hard to find local people with the same interests. Being able to talk and relate to people from any location provides vapers with an interactive and rewarding experience.

Whether you’re a Youtube, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram fan, there’s an e-cigarette or vapor group for you. Cool photos, fun discussion groups and the ability to interact and discussing vaping is right at your fingertips. There’s a lot going on within the realm of social media to support and encourage those interested in world of vaping.

Generations of Vapers Coming Together

Vaping Generations

Many hobbies or pastimes tend to develop “generations” of members within the ranks of their respective communities. Usually, these are simplified as “old” and “young,” or people who’ve been doing the activity since, or close to its inception, and those who’ve joined more recently. The longer the activity is participated in, the more generations of users can be added. In almost every other hobby, pastime, community, etc there’s a slight animosity between the “old Guys” and the “new breed” – but vaping is an exception to this rule.

Because vaping is so rapidly evolving and people are flocking toward it, you don’t have as much of the old/new split. A split may exist somewhere else, like for instance between those who use regulated or mechanical MODs, but the vaping community seems to welcome new members into its folds with slightly more open arms than others. You can now go to a vape lounge and connect with people whom you might not have any other things in common other than vaping, but that seems to be enough. In addition, it’s rarely seen that older vapers “call out” the new breed for rookie mistakes. Everyone seems to remember that they were, in fact, the new guy or girl and had a lot of questions of their own.

Not that it creates a divide, but there are generally two reasons people get started in vaping: Because they want to try and quit smoking tobacco all together, or they just want to try something new. This creates a culture or a point of bonding between people who are 50+ and have smoked all their lives, and 21 year old people who are looking for something new to do, possibly with their friends. They might be at a public place and vaping next to someone their parents or grandparents age, but they have in common the fact that they’re vaping.

Vaping has truly created a tight knit community. Whereas in the past, individuals might have gone to their local pub or tobacconist to meet and socialize over a common pastime (either drinking or smoking), nowadays many people who partake in it are congregating in vape shops and lounges. But, these establishments didn’t just pop up over night. There had to be enough of a community built up in the area for it to make a sensible business decision, and these stores could not flourish as they have if they didn’t have the participation of several generations of vapers. All vapers share one, common thing: That they vape, and that’s enough to bring them together over vaping.

These days, it seems all too common that we, as people, are being torn one way or another. We’re not bonding and forming communities as we used to – we’re heavily focused on the individual. Vaping seeks, inadvertently, to overcome these boundaries that would normally prevent us from socializing with one another over a common consumable. Just think how you would feel to be the only vaper in your place of work, only one day to find than an older (or younger) co-worker also vaped. You’d be more likely to start spending time with that person for no other reason than you’d likely be vaping together.