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Generations of Vapers Coming Together

Vaping Generations

Many hobbies or pastimes tend to develop “generations” of members within the ranks of their respective communities. Usually, these are simplified as “old” and “young,” or people who’ve been doing the activity since, or close to its inception, and those who’ve joined more recently. The longer the activity is participated in, the more generations of users can be added. In almost every other hobby, pastime, community, etc there’s a slight animosity between the “old Guys” and the “new breed” – but vaping is an exception to this rule.

Because vaping is so rapidly evolving and people are flocking toward it, you don’t have as much of the old/new split. A split may exist somewhere else, like for instance between those who use regulated or mechanical MODs, but the vaping community seems to welcome new members into its folds with slightly more open arms than others. You can now go to a vape lounge and connect with people whom you might not have any other things in common other than vaping, but that seems to be enough. In addition, it’s rarely seen that older vapers “call out” the new breed for rookie mistakes. Everyone seems to remember that they were, in fact, the new guy or girl and had a lot of questions of their own.

Not that it creates a divide, but there are generally two reasons people get started in vaping: Because they want to try and quit smoking tobacco all together, or they just want to try something new. This creates a culture or a point of bonding between people who are 50+ and have smoked all their lives, and 21 year old people who are looking for something new to do, possibly with their friends. They might be at a public place and vaping next to someone their parents or grandparents age, but they have in common the fact that they’re vaping.

Vaping has truly created a tight knit community. Whereas in the past, individuals might have gone to their local pub or tobacconist to meet and socialize over a common pastime (either drinking or smoking), nowadays many people who partake in it are congregating in vape shops and lounges. But, these establishments didn’t just pop up over night. There had to be enough of a community built up in the area for it to make a sensible business decision, and these stores could not flourish as they have if they didn’t have the participation of several generations of vapers. All vapers share one, common thing: That they vape, and that’s enough to bring them together over vaping.

These days, it seems all too common that we, as people, are being torn one way or another. We’re not bonding and forming communities as we used to – we’re heavily focused on the individual. Vaping seeks, inadvertently, to overcome these boundaries that would normally prevent us from socializing with one another over a common consumable. Just think how you would feel to be the only vaper in your place of work, only one day to find than an older (or younger) co-worker also vaped. You’d be more likely to start spending time with that person for no other reason than you’d likely be vaping together.