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The Vape Tank Evolution

The Vape Tank Evolution

Vape tanks have changed a great deal over the past few years. They have gone from simple cartridges to pieces of equipment that can be customized entirely. Vape tanks have gone from a simple factory filled cartridge to devices that can be rebuilt and filled with custom flavoring. Depending on the device, you’ll have many options to choose from in the vape tank you select to use.

Cartridges were one of the original e-liquid tanks made. These tanks were used for electronic cigarettes or cig-alikes. These were simply little plastic tubes filled with cotton holding liquid that was filled in a factory. These tanks would be pushed on to an atomizer which was the heating portion that produces vapor in the tank. They¬†didn’t allow for any custom flavors or variation to customize the vaping experience.

The cartomizer was the next type of device produced. This was the same thing as a cartridge, however, the atomizer was attached. The atomizer being attached to the tank allowed for a new atomizer to be used each time the tank was changed for a full one. This increased the vaping experience by giving more flavorful vapor. These tanks are still produced today for cig-alike devices, and in most cases still are not able to be altered or filled with custom flavors.

Cartridges and cartomizers both prevented the very much expansion in the vaping industry. The tanks were produced by the company who made the battery and they usually have very few flavors to offer. The clearomizer was a huge change in the tank system of vaping devices. It would address some of the limitations of the cartridge system.

The clearomizer is used on portable vaporizers sometimes called vape pens. The tanks range in this category from factory filled and disposable to a device that can be made completely custom. The clearomizer that’s already filled when you buy it is stuck to the same limitations as the previous clearomzier. Some clearomizers are able to be filled with any of the many flavor options and hold varying amounts of e-liquid. They come in varying colors and designs. One large change was the introduction of glass tanks, you were no longer stuck to having only plastic. What makes these tanks so unique is they come in a rebuild-able variety. The devices allow for the coil to be replaced, and the cotton around the coil to be changed which allows the tank to be used longer than something disposable. They also contain wicks which can be changed. These parts being able to be changed saves the customer money, and allows for the tank to work like new even if you’re changing the flavor to something completely different than the tank held before. Another new feature found in the clearomizer tank system is varying the resistance in the coil. These variations are not as large as in tanks used on MODs but they do allow for a more custom user experience.

Tanks used on MODs would work very similarly to the clearomizer. There were not to many features added in these devices but the changes do make a large difference. These devices most notable entered vaping into the sub-ohm territory. This was done using changeable coils which also come in a rebuild-able version. Sub-ohm vaping allows for very strong flavor and large vape cloud production.

Vape tanks have evolved over the years. They’ve gone from something that came filled and disposable to something that could be used time after time and with many flavors. It’s clear to see that there have been a great amount of evolution in vape tanks.