Chapter 3



Considering getting a more advanced style e-cigarette? Or maybe you’re just curious about what they are? In this chapter, we’re going to focus on what an unregulated mod is, what a regulated mod is, how they work, and why you might want to purchase either one of these.

An unregulated mod (mechanical mod) is a device that does not have any wires or regulating chips to regulate power flow through the device. made with a manual switch that is pressed to complete the circuit and constructed with metal in a tube shape or a box. All unregulated mods are designed to be used with rebuildable atomizers, meaning no tanks! because unregulated mods require comprehensive knowledge to be utilized with the utmost safety, they are predominately for the more advanced vape enthusiast.

  • No internal battery means you can upgrade the power performance by purchasing advanced, more powerful batteries
  • Allows for the use of coils with low resistances
  • More control of voltage output (whereas regulated mods have a limit)
  • Potential increase in voltage and wattage
  • Gives you those massive clouds if you’re into cloud chasing

A regulated mod is a device that does contain a circuit board to regulate current. Cig-a-likes, Ego batteries, any pen style e-cigarettes are all regulated but in this chapter, we’re focusing on more advanced types of regulated mods. There are many different types of regulated mods. some having internal batteries and some having external batteries that can be charged separately. These devices feature variable wattage & voltage to allow users to adjust the heat applied to your coils. Meaning, lowering the wattage for a smaller, more cool hit or increasing the wattage for a larger, more warmer vape.

  • More safe than an unregulated mod
  • Potential increase in battery life
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to charge (most charge via usb)
  • Digital display
  • Control of wattage/voltage output by the push of a button

If you’re just now stepping up from a cig-a-like or an Ego, you should start with getting a regulated mod. This is because they’re easier to use, and unregulated mods require comprehensive knowledge of electrical systems as well as ohms’ law to be used safely. You could learn about these types of mods by reading blogs, watching various YouTube videos, or better yet, walk into a vape shop and learn about different devices in person. We even have a vape glossary available on our website!

All in all, a regulated mod is a device that is easy to use with little experience and is perfect for just about anyone. Unregulated mods will be the right way to go if you’re willing to learn the ins and outs, the to do’s and not to do’s, and if you’re interested in blowing those massive clouds! In later chapters, we’ll discuss how to build a coil as well as the safety measures that go along with building.



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