Chapter 2




A lot of you might wonder… what the heck is in e-liquid? what am I vaping on? It’s all actually pretty simple and this chapter will explain it all to you. We’ll also let you know detail on nicotine levels, how to store it or where to store it, and what steeping is and what it’s purpose is. So if you’re curious, keep reading! 

The ingredients in e-liquid are:

  • water
  • nicotine
  • food flavorings
  • propylene glycol (PG)
  • Vegetable glycerin (VG)

vegetable glycerin (vg) in e-liquid is what provides vapor production while propylene glycol (pg) is the base carrier for flavor and nicotine. Some users can be allergic to PG but not to worry, there are plenty of juices out there that are max vg (meaning it has 100% vg and no pg). some e-liquid bottles have these pg/vg ratios listed on the bottle itself and if not, you can find them on the carrier’s website. 

Nicotine levels are almost always measured in mg/ml. They range from 0-24mg. These levels are labeled on the bottle as 3mg or maybe 12mg. MG is a unit of measure for how much nicotine is in the e-liquid or cartridge. For example, 6MG means 0.6MG of nicotine per mL. (Milliliter). 

Think about a fine wine or whiskey, everyone knows that it tastes better once its aged. Steeping e-liquid allows a process of oxidation to take place in the compounds that are in a state that will react to the introduction of oxygen. Components that are more volatile will evaporate out of the liquid thus changing the flavor of the juice. This can sometimes intensify some of the flavors you thought weren’t so bold before. Now… not all e-liquids will taste better once steeped. There’s really no way to tell unless you actually try it. Some will taste better while others might taste worst.

    ** if you want to learn how to steep your e-liquid, stay tuned and will talk about it in future chapters.


When it comes to storing your e-liquid, you never want to keep it in your car or out in the sun. This will cause your juice to become a watery consistency and that’s never good. Especially if you’re putting it in a tank or if it’s a cartridge because it’ll only leak out. You want to keep your juice in room temperature and out of children reach of course.



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