Celebrity Vapors!!

The vaping industry has been growing and expanding rapidly all over the world. Nowadays, you see people vaping just about wherever you go. You see vapors at malls, beaches, parks, bars and everywhere else! Vapors ranging from 18 years of age to their grandma’s and grandpa’s! Not that celebrities aren’t normal people like you and I but they vape too! Different celebrities are like role models to some, so seeing them vape can have an influence on others. Here’s a list of those celebrities who’ve quit those disgusting cigarettes and have switched to vaping.

Leonardo DiCaprio – This guy has been an infatuation for years now and the fact that he traded those cigarettes to being a vapor has made him even more of a heartthrob. Instead of using a cig-a-like, he took another step up and now using a bigger mod!


Norman Reedus – I guess you could say people who smoke cigarettes are the walking dead. The reason being, cigarette smokers live about 10 years less than the non-smokers. Good thing that is not the case for this guy.


The Big Show – I’m sure a lot of you know who the Big Show is but in case you don’t, this muscle man is a WWE superstar! Some fans often report seeing him vape on set at WWE events while others actually spot him in a vape shop.


Samuel Jackson – No cig-a-like for this guy! A lot of people like the movie ‘Snakes on a Plane’ mostly because Samuel Jackson is in it. With that being said, be proud to be a vapor because it’s probably the only thing you have in common with this crazed bad ass.


Katy Perry – She kissed a mod and she liked it! Katy Perry is another celebrity who has been spotted with her mod just vaping away.


Dave Navarro – Many of you know Dave Navarro from the rock band Jane’s Addiction, Red Hot Chili Peppers, or from the TV show Ink Master! Just another celebrity who was addicted to cigarettes and switched to vaping as a better alternative.


Johnny Depp – Johnny Depp was seen vaping on set in one of his movies!


Katherine Heigl – This gal did some good for the growing vaping industry by expressing the benefits of vaping on live TV on David Letterman’s show. After discussing these benefits, they became intrigued and started passing her vape around.


Michelle Rodriguez – This chick has been known to be a real bad ass! When you don’t see her on TV, you can find her vaping away. People have reported her having her mod in her hands at all times.


Willie Nelson – Willie Nelson is seen having a “go big or go home” attitude and vaping is no exception for this rule of his. Posing in this picture with his massive mod that delivers huge clouds.


Justin Bieber – This pop singer was seen leaving a vape shop with his new stainless steel tube mod!


Kylie Jenner – Kylie Jenner’s Snapchat went viral in snowball effect! In this particular video, this chick was blowing O’s like a pro with her vape mod.


Simon Cowell – Simon Cowell is not known for being the nicest guy on TV but he did do some good by quitting cigarettes and switched to vaping!


The list goes on and on…

These awesome celebs have turned over a new leaf and joined the vaping community!

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