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Celebrity Vapors!!

October 25, 2016  /  premecigadmin  /  Comments (0)

The vaping industry has been growing and expanding rapidly all over the world. Nowadays, you see people vaping just about wherever you go. You see vapors at malls, beaches, parks, bars and everywhere else! Vapors ranging from 18 years of age to their grandma’s and grandpa’s! Not that celebrities aren’t normal people like you and I but they vape too! Different celebrities are like role models to some, so seeing them vape can have an influence on others. Here’s a list of those celebrities … Read More

Top 3 Summer E-Liquids From Premium E-Cigarattes

Top 3 Summer E-Liquids From Premium E-Cigarattes

July 3, 2016  /  premecigadmin  /  Comments (0)

Vaping is the new big thing. It's a fun way to get the nicotine you want without the hassle of cigarettes and without the chemicals that cigarettes contain. In the summer, especially, vaping can be a refreshing way to have fun. One of the reasons more and more people are turning to vaping is because of all the delicious flavors available. We've 3 e-liquid flavors perfectly suited for the summer that you'll want to rush out and try as soon as possible. SUMMER E-LIQUID FLAVOR #3: MR. GOOD… Read More

The Vape Tank Evolution

The Vape Tank Evolution

June 30, 2016  /  premecigadmin  /  Comments (2)

Vape tanks have changed a great deal over the past few years. They have gone from simple cartridges to pieces of equipment that can be customized entirely. Vape tanks have gone from a simple factory filled cartridge to devices that can be rebuilt and filled with custom flavoring. Depending on the device, you'll have many options to choose from in the vape tank you select to use. Cartridges were one of the original e-liquid tanks made. These tanks were used for electronic cigarettes or cig… Read More

Math and Chemistry Matter When It Comes to Vaping

Math and Chemistry Matter When it Comes to Vaping

June 14, 2016  /  premecigadmin  /  Comments (0)

While you don't have to calculate mathematics, your drag may depend on it. Consumers do not diagram electricity flow to blow clouds like those coming from a hookah, but, how they pull the vapor, as they inhale, comes down to customizing devices which figure ohms, volts, and watts, in an equation to heat elements. Combustion, a behavior of particles is relating chemistry, but so are the aldehydes, aerosols, and assorted aroma liquids, that fill MOD tanks, ensuring the best Vape upon firing a … Read More

4 Main Clearomizer Problems

4 Main Clearomizer Problems

June 6, 2016  /  premecigadmin  /  Comments (0)

As with everything else in this world, there comes a time when you'll have a problem with your vaping device. There's no need to panic because all problems can be fixed. You may not see all 4 main problems during your vaping experience, but you will see at least 1 of the main 4 at some point. The 4 main problems you may see are: 1. burnt taste, 2. lacking airflow, 3. vapor production lacking, and 4. you clearomizer isn't working properly. 1. BURNT TASTE Having a burnt taste while vapin… Read More

vaping community

The Vape Community Can Be One Fun Group on the Web

May 6, 2016  /  premecigadmin  /  Comments (0)

The vaping community is growing in leaps and bounds. It's a community of individuals from all walks of life. Like any growing community, there's a desire to bond in commonality. There's the need to interact and spread awareness of this smoking alternative. Since vaping is a relatively new option for traditional smokers, there's a desire for those who have found enjoyment in vaping to introduce and assist newcomers. Many vapers have even gone as far as donating e-cigs and various accessori… Read More

Leaving Vapor Trails

Leaving Vapor Trails

April 18, 2016  /  premecigadmin  /  Comments (0)

Most who vape claim that it doesn’t have much of an odor, but, you really can’t trust your own senses after a few tokes because your nose will have gotten used to any smell by then. Quite a few non-vapers don’t notice a thing even when they walk into an enclosed area seconds after you exhale, then again, others will smell something and just not realize what it is. If you’re in a position where the smell of vapor is a concern, a few simple precautions can help you avoid any problem… Read More

Vaping Generations

Generations of Vapers Coming Together

April 16, 2016  /  premecigadmin  /  Comments (0)

Many hobbies or pastimes tend to develop "generations" of members within the ranks of their respective communities. Usually, these are simplified as "old" and "young," or people who've been doing the activity since, or close to its inception, and those who've joined more recently. The longer the activity is participated in, the more generations of users can be added. In almost every other hobby, pastime, community, etc there's a slight animosity between the "old Guys" and the "new breed" - b… Read More

Fill line for your tank

There’s a Fill Line to Your Tank

April 14, 2016  /  premecigadmin  /  Comments (0)

Getting the perfect vape out of your set-up is easier than you think. One of the simplest and most important aspects of creating the perfect vape is by properly filling your tank. You will see that most tanks have milliliter lines printed on the side of it. This shows you how much e-liquid is in it at any given time. It's Important to Not Overfill Your Tank This means you should not fill it with e-liquid past the highest milliliter marking. Making sure you don't overfill your tank will ens… Read More

Throat Hit

4 Tips For Increasing Your Throat Hit

March 27, 2016  /  premecigadmin  /  Comments (2)

The feeling you get at the back of your throat as well as in your lungs is what's known as a throat hit. Hits that're too strong can be painful and even damaging, while weak hits might feel like you didn't really inhale anything. A satisfying throat hit is considered to be one of the biggest factors in a positive vaping experience for new and experienced vapers alike. Even though everyone has different preferences, there are some things that can be done to get the best throat hit for you. Fin… Read More