The Reuleaux RX 200-S By Wismec

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When looking to purchase new MODs, one of the most beneficial devices that you can purchase is the Reuleaux RX 200-S by Wismec. This product has a number of features that make it a great option when looking to store and maintain your vaping items. With the Reuleaux RX 200 S you will get a number of quality characteristics such as a 0.96 inch screen display, a 200W high power output, variable temperature control with an upgradable firmware, … Read More


Don’t Damage Your RBA/RDA

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Using a rebuildable atomizer rather than smoking cigarettes is a better choice, considering there's no smoke or the added toxins that often get mixed in with tobacco, but it is also a more artisanal practice. Vaping can be an extensive hobby, with different equipment and methods to choose from, not to mention the ridiculously wide variety of flavors. With so many options, and so many moving parts, it's easy to mishandle your RBA. Maintaining… Read More

E-Liquid Freshness During Those Hot Summer Day

E-Liquid Freshness During Those Hot Summer Day

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If you're new to vaping or, you've experienced your e-juice going stale then, you've probably wondered what you did or didn't do to cause it. Here you'll learn the basics on how to keep those e juices fresh for those hot summer days. So, why summer? Because there is expansion that goes on with heat, so, it affects everything from filling to storing. Propylene Glycol is what keeps the juice from bacterial and viral infections. But, in heat … Read More


A Really Cool Subtank: HORIZON ARCTIC V8 TANK

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The Horizon Tech V8 Tank is among the top vaping products on the market due to its many features. With this tank consumers can experience using an electronic cigarette tank that is of the highest quality. This is the newest tank from Horizon and is intended to completely change the way people vape. What makes this one of the most powerful tanks on the market is its V8 component. Similar to a V8 engine on vehicles, the V8 on this vaping tank m… Read More

Top 3 Summer E-Liquids From Premium E-Cigarattes

Top 3 Summer E-Liquids From Premium E-Cigarattes

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Vaping is the new big thing. It's a fun way to get the nicotine you want without the hassle of cigarettes and without the chemicals that cigarettes contain. In the summer, especially, vaping can be a refreshing way to have fun. One of the reasons more and more people are turning to vaping is because of all the delicious flavors available. We've 3 e-liquid flavors perfectly suited for the summer that you'll want to rush out and try as soon a… Read More

The Vape Tank Evolution

The Vape Tank Evolution

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Vape tanks have changed a great deal over the past few years. They have gone from simple cartridges to pieces of equipment that can be customized entirely. Vape tanks have gone from a simple factory filled cartridge to devices that can be rebuilt and filled with custom flavoring. Depending on the device, you'll have many options to choose from in the vape tank you select to use. Cartridges were one of the original e-liquid tanks made. Thes… Read More

3 Methods For How You Can Break In Your New Coil

3 Methods For How You Can Break In Your New Coil

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Every 3-6 weeks you'll need to change the coil in your vaping device. When you put a different coil in, whether it be a new or rebuilt one, you will need to prime it. Priming the coil, also known as breaking it in, will make sure you'll taste the juice and not a dry or burnt taste. There are 3 different ways you can prime or break in your new coil. METHOD #1: TIME AND PATIENCE For this method you will put the new coil in then put your … Read More

A Pre-Built Setup vs. Building Your Own Setup

A Pre-Built Setup vs. Building Your Own Setup

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Taking the industry by storm for the past few years, vaping has become one of the most popular trends and new lifestyles, especially for smokers who want to quick. What many people don't know is that, vaping is not just restricted to smokers or individuals looking for their nicotine fix. In this article that we will discuss what is the best vaping option for you (pre-built or custom built set ups) depending how experienced, what device you ha… Read More

Math and Chemistry Matter When It Comes to Vaping

Math and Chemistry Matter When it Comes to Vaping

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While you don't have to calculate mathematics, your drag may depend on it. Consumers do not diagram electricity flow to blow clouds like those coming from a hookah, but, how they pull the vapor, as they inhale, comes down to customizing devices which figure ohms, volts, and watts, in an equation to heat elements. Combustion, a behavior of particles is relating chemistry, but so are the aldehydes, aerosols, and assorted aroma liquids, that fil… Read More

4 Main Clearomizer Problems

4 Main Clearomizer Problems

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As with everything else in this world, there comes a time when you'll have a problem with your vaping device. There's no need to panic because all problems can be fixed. You may not see all 4 main problems during your vaping experience, but you will see at least 1 of the main 4 at some point. The 4 main problems you may see are: 1. burnt taste, 2. lacking airflow, 3. vapor production lacking, and 4. you clearomizer isn't working properly. … Read More